Alternate page with proper canonical tag issue in blogger | Articlehubb

Alternate page with proper canonical tag issue in blogger

Alternate page with proper canonical tag issue in blogger | Articlehubb

If you are using blogger and you have an Alternate Page with a below proper Canonical tag, but your posts still show up on the main page with the "alternate" tag, then this article is for you! In this article, we will show you how to fix alternate pages with proper canonical tag issue and make your blog posts appear as if they are properly categorized and canonical.

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What is an Alternate Page?

What is an Alternate Page?

An Alternate Page is a page that is not the main page of your website. It can be a page about a specific topic, or a page that is not officially affiliated with your website.
When you create an Alternate Page, you need to use the proper canonical tag when you publish it. This will help ensure that people know which page to use when referencing your content on the web.

Please check the Example below:-

canonical tag issue
$ads={1}   ------------> this link is the Original Link      ------------> this link is an Alternate with a proper canonical tag.

The alternate page means the Duplicate Page of the original page. Alternate pages with proper canonical tags  are blocked through the Robot.txt

Now you are thinking about robot.txt

Let me explain to you about robot.txt -----------This file tells search engines which pages are the official versions of your blog and which are not. Properly setting up your robots.txt will help Google and other search engines recognize your blog as an authoritative source on the topic of your website.


What is a Proper Canonical Tag

A canonical tag is a markup tag used by search engines to help with linking between different versions of a document on the web. Alternate pages are pages that are not the main or default page for a blog, but rather a page that exists as an alternate version of the main page.

After the original Link of your site or post it will show in this format which means this URL is not the Original URL /?m=1

Alternate page with proper canonical tag solution

Alternate page with proper canonical tag solution

First of all Jump into your Blogger theme section.

Note:  Before making any changes to your blogger theme, a good practice is to make a backup of your theme.

  1. Click on your blogger theme menu
  1. Click on Edit HTML
  1. Click on your theme code then Use ( CTRL ) keys to search
  1. In your search bar write <head> tag if you have not already changed it for SEO.
  1. Paste or write this code into your theme code  <link href='' rel='canonical'/>   to stop the alternate page with the proper canonical tag.
  1. Then save your theme. This problem will be solved in Google boot crawling after 24-48 hours.

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